Payment options

Payments are due by the first Wednesday after you sign up. Our planning deadline is each Thursday morning, so your first delivery is the week after the first Wednesday midnight, after you've signed up (we know this can be confusing so please contact us if you are unsure of your start date). 

  • To pay by check, mail to 14579 Blind Shady Road, Nevada City, CA 95959.

  • To pay online, click here.

  • Click here to request a “status email” with information about your current subscription (payment history, order info, pickup site details).

extended Payment plan

We offer this extended plan to help make it easier to subscribe to our CSA program. Payments must be arranged at the time of signup. At checkout, you can set this up with a credit card, or you can send postdated checks if you mail them all at once. If you sign up before or during the first half of the season, you can settle your balance in 3 installments; if you sign up after 12 weeks have passed you can split the balance into 2; after 18 weeks we ask that you pay in full unless other arrangements are made.

Questions about payments?

Please contact Mielle, our CSA Manager. We can work with you to make it easy to pay for your shares.

financial assistance

Please consider contributing to our community-funded Financial Assistance Program, which is entirely supported by the generosity of our member community. When you sign up, you can opt to contribute any amount to help another family afford their share of the bounty. Here’s an inspiring email we received from one of our recipient families:

"We have a family of four in Truckee, and we were fortunate enough to receive the veggie box at a discounted price because of our current financial situation. Tonight we enjoyed the most delicious roasted veggies and feel so incredibly grateful that we get to eat this food. If you hadn’t offered us the financial support we wouldn’t be able to eat this way as a family. We are so blessed that you, Mountain Bounty Farm, is out there and willing to support those that are in financial need yet want to feed our families well. Usually these can’t coexist, financial disadvantage and eating well. You make this possible. We are grateful for not only the quality of food you offer us but for the kind souls that grow this food. We get to eat this goodness….thank you thank you. We hope to give back to you some day."

To apply for assistance, complete the application and apply early to ensure that funds will still be available. Assistance is limited to vegetable shares only. Recipients must pay a portion of their share, and may arrange an individualized payment plan for their balance to help make it possible to join.