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The farm is run by John Tecklin, Angie Tomey, Missy Neville, Maia Lipkin, Jake Benedict, Aaron Zueck, Ceci Schroeder, Kritters Blevins and Kale Riley. We are joined by 5-6 interns each year. We are very fortunate to be a part of such a fun, talented, and hardworking crew!


Beet lover John Tecklin grew up in the backwoods of Nevada County in a small log cabin with no electricity, phone, or hot running water.

In 1995, after careers as a chimney sweep, stonemason, and Outward bound instructor, he became obsessed with gardening and got a job on one of the nation’s early CSA farms in Portland, Oregon.

In 1997, he moved back to his ancestral homeland and started Mountain Bounty Farm. He remains deeply committed to the CSA ideal — a community of eaters pledges their support for a local farm, and in return the farmers put all their heart and skill into producing the best possible food. More than anything else, he loves the physical act of farming: the challenge, the magic, and the beauty. He is married to Angie Tomey, of Little Boy Flowers. John’s other enthusiasms include playing with his two young sons, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, and surfing.


Missy was born in Minnesota and raised on milk and hotdish.

Her interest in farming sparked while attending school in Washington State to earn a degree in Natural Sciences.

Her absolute favorite crop to harvest is broccoli, with corn coming in a close second. When the farming is slow, Missy likes to spend her time baking, ice skating and playing ultimate frisbee.

This will be Missy's seventh year at Mountain Bounty.




Maia is enchanted with physical nature of farming- hands caked in dried soil, her strength building with the season, and the ability to eat like a queen.

When she’s not farming, she’s usually thinking about food while out on long walks in the Sierra foothills,or staying sweaty on the soccer field.

This will be Maia’s seventh year at Mountain Bounty.


Jake is a passionate man.  He loves the Packers, cheese, his cat, Nelson, and most things farming.  He is not a passionate writer.

This will be Jake's seventh year at Mountain Bounty.



Aaron grew up on red meat and Velveeta Shells and Cheese in Wyoming’s high desert. Before ever eating a vegetable or growing a plant he worked as a Truck Driver, Peace Corps Volunteer, Stroller Valet, and Lunch Lady.

Presently, Aaron is on a multi-year mission to travel the entire length of the S. Yuba river without a boat. He also coaches one of Gold Country’s Finest Softball Clubs: the Mountain Bounty Melon Ballers.

This will be Aaron's fifth year at Mountain Bounty.



Raised in the heat of Joshua Tree, CA Kritters, has always had a natural affinity for working hard and sweating it out. After moving to Santa Cruz to pursue a degree in anthropology, they spent several years working for a small family farm operation located at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains. Many farmers markets, tractor passes, and apple picking seasons later, it was time to intern at Mountain Bounty Farm for the 2017 season. A love for the farm, the folks who work on it, and the strong Nevada City community have clearly made it impossible for them to leave! They are excited for their second season here and look forward to more tinkering, melon eating competitions, raw sweet corn, and challenging folks to (humane) arm wrestling.


Over the years Kali has worn a variety of hats at Mountain Bounty from nurturing plants in the propagation house, to organizing farmers' market logistics, and giving school farm tours.

Most recently she has led farm projects on organic certification, food safety, and value added products.

When she's not nerding out over a new variety of pepper or experimenting in the kitchen you can find Kali skiing in Tahoe or enjoying some time in the Yuba River.

This will be Kali's sixth year at Mountain Bounty.


After a childhood spent eating steamed broccoli and ketchup in the suburbs of southern California, Kale moved north in search of water.

In Santa Cruz she discovered a love for growing things that carried her all the way to Mountain Bounty, where no one ever seems to mind that she walks very fast. Hard work, long days spent outside, the ever-changing rhythm of the season, and endless tomato sandwiches have kept her passion for farming alive and growing.

When she’s not at the farm or moonlighting as a florist, Kale spends her days milking goats, collecting ghost stories and snuggling her cat Larry.





For as long as she can remember Ceci has loved all things food and dirt, in fact if she remembers correctly she once made dandelion mud pies on a hot stone oven. She’s come a long way since then letting her time as a cook lead her from Illinois to California where she discovered a bounty of local produce and decided there had to be more to food than the florescent lights and bustling sounds of a kitchen.

Last year that lead her here, to Mountain Bounty as an intern where she rekindled the flame with Mother Nature.  

She loved the work and the veggies so much she decided to stay on another year and enjoy her days outside, whether in the dirt or lounging like a lizard on the rocks of the Yuba. 


In addition to managing our CSA program, Mielle is a natural foods chef and the author of Veganish: The Omnivore’s Guide to Plant-Based Cooking. Inspired by our community’s talented farmers and foodies, she caters retreats, teaches cooking classes, consults about food and nutrition, and keeps her kitchen at home teeming with interesting projects.

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