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John’s Bread is a new micro bakery specializing in sourdough/naturally leavened, whole grain breads, baked in small batches by myself, Mountain Bounty founder John Tecklin. All organic ingredients, of course. All breads are slow fermented for over 24 hours with my sourdough starter. No commercial yeast. My goal is to make whole grain sourdough breads with a light, moist, and custardy interior crumb structure, that highlight the pure grain flavors without being overly sour. The breads contain nothing but flour, water, and salt (except the ones with seeds, nuts, or other noted ingredients). To the extent that they are available, I use whole stone milled flours from grains grown in CA. My dream is to one day mill my own flour.

Why Whole Grain and SourDOugh? 

Just like with farming, where I view organic as merely the starting point where we begin to explore quality, I take the health benefits of whole grains and the long slow fermentation of the sourdough process for granted. Beyond this, my pursuit of bread is about taste. I admit that for many years I baked bread that was mostly white. I didn’t believe that whole grain breads could be tasty. I thought they would be dense, dry, crumbly and otherwise no fun. But I’m always looking for a challenge and with the inspiration of some friends, I finally started experimenting seriously with whole grains. Many of my early trials yielded terrible bread. It took years, but eventually I began to understand that while whole grains are much more challenging, with the right approach, they have the potential to yield much tastier and more interesting bread. Now even my kids are converts. They demand the whole grain option if I stray and bake a too-easy white loaf.

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Family Bread History

I’ve been a passionate home baker for many years, and in the last couple years I’ve been diving deeper and studying with the legendary baker Dave Miller. Baking professionally since the early 90’s, Dave has been a mentor and inspiration to many of the best bakers in the US. Dave is unique in his deep commitment and ability to make incredible bread with whole grains. I’ve also been inspired by other talented bakers like Eduardo Morell and of course Tartine.


My interest in baking comes from my bread loving family. Growing up, my mother baked many breads, including Challah most Fridays. She continues to be a brilliant cook and experimenter with all sorts of baked goods. The sourdough starter I use now originally came from her. In the 1970’s, my father was a baker at the old Nevada City Bakery on Broad St, which used a huge brick oven that dated back to the gold rush- the oven is still there, walled in inside the building on the corner of Broad and Nile. Old peels from this bakery hang on the wall of my own tiny baking space. Before all this, My grandfather was a baker in traditional Jewish bakeries in St. Louis for 60 years. While the bread I bake now is surely far different from the bread my grandfather made, my love of bread can be traced back to him and beyond. 

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