About our CSA

We aim to provide a reliable local source of the highest quality produce for our area, and to work towards the economic sustainability of our rural community. We also want the farm to be a place of inspiration and beauty, a place to reconnect to food and the joys of food culture. We hope that Mountain Bounty will be a farm to celebrate, a farm that you help create and sustain for the future.

Why Choose a CSA?

community, sustainability and health.


Community– you become connected to your local farm and farmers – the real people who grow this food for you every week.
Responsibility– your grocery dollars support a small farm that strives to steward the land, investing heavily in caring for soil, water, and local creatures.
News & recipes– we send an email newsletter every week with news from the farm and recipes.
Convenience– your week’s produce is pre-packed and delivered to one of 15 convenient pickup locations.
Economy– feel great knowing you’re supporting a local business, and save money on groceries!

Seasonality– you eat the food that is growing in your region right now, year-round.
Quality– our varieties and growing methods deliver superior taste, including many heirlooms, and we put tremendous effort and skill toward making the best veggie boxes we can every week, for over 18 years.
Freshness– we deliver the freshest, most vibrant and delicious organically grown produce, often picked that same day.
Variety– you may be introduced to a few interesting, new veggies which you wouldn’t have found elsewhere.
Health– an abundance of fresh produce encourages you to cook from scratch and eat more veggies.