Value of a CSA Share

What is your weekly veggie box really worth? 

There are many different ways to consider value. Dollars and cents are important to everyone, and our veggie shares consistently exceed their retail value (more on this below), but less tangible values are meaningful to consider as well:
Community– you become connected to your local farm and farmers – the real people who grow this food for you every week. Quality– our varieties and growing methods deliver superior taste, including many heirlooms, and we put tremendous effort and skill toward making the best veggie boxes we can every week, for over 18 years. Freshness– we deliver the freshest, most vibrant and delicious organically grown produce, often picked that same day. Convenience– your week’s produce is pre-packed and delivered to one of 15 convenient pickup locations. Seasonality– you eat the food that is growing in your region right now, year-round. News & recipes– we send an email newsletter every week with news from the farm and recipes. Variety– you may be introduced to a few interesting, new veggies which you wouldn’t have found elsewhere. Health– an abundance of fresh produce encourages you to cook from scratch and eat more veggies. Responsibility– your grocery dollars support a small farm that strives to steward the land, investing heavily in caring for soil, water, and local creatures. Economy– feel great knowing you’re supporting a local business, and save money on groceries! lettucetasting We are reluctant to compare our boxes to retail prices because we know our produce is superior in so many ways that don’t even reflect the cost. Grocery store produce was picked several days to a couple of weeks before you see it, but you get ours as soon as we can pick it, wash it, and drive it to your neighborhood. Our produce has been selected and grown with more care because we are such a small scale farm. We trial and grow the best tasting varieties we can find. We carefully inspect and wash everything that goes into the boxes. And we put a tremendous amount of love into the whole process. Still…

What about the dollars and cents?

If you purchased the contents of one of our average veggie boxes at your local co-op or farmer’s market, how much would it cost? Each year, we do a comprehensive cost analysis study to find out.

In 2014, the average retail value of our $26.75 CSA boxes was $36/week. This was a 25% discount off store prices for our members!

This number will fluctuate with the current conditions, of course. Last year was an abundant harvest year for us; our goal is around 15% surplus per box.
09_06_22Of course we are committed to farming for so many other reasons than the money, but we are happy to see that we’re on the right track and offering a good service to our community. The CSA model means that you are invested in us, and are our partners in support. Harvests have been bountiful over the past few years, but growing food has its ups and downs. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ups, and hope you would bear with us through the downs, trusting us to feed you and your family with all our skill and effort.
Thank you for making the choice to join our CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture – and it is just that: we need your support to continue to do what we do. We hope that you are well nourished in return.

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