How to Sign Up

SIGNUP NOW for the 2014-15 Winter Season!

2014 Summer Season CSA - Call us to join for the last few weeks (530)292-3776

Click here for more info about the summer veggie sharefruit share, or flower share.

Sign up Steps:

Please Note: You must signup by Thursday in the current season in order to receive your first delivery the following week. Otherwise your name will be included on the following week’s list.

1. To ensure the pickup site of your choice, signup today - call us at (530)292-3776 for site details.

2. For more information on costs and share types: Veggie ShareFruit Share, Summer Flower Share. For more info about pickup sites, click here.

3. You have 2 different options to pay – by check or by credit card. See below for details.

4. Once you signup and check out, you will receive an order confirmation via email. Within a day or 2 you will receive another email with confirmation of when your first pickup starts + the email will have a pdf attachment – this is your season welcome letter and site details and directions. PLEASE READ ALL EMAILS FROM MOUNTAIN BOUNTY.

5. Each week during the season, you will receive an email that serves as your pickup reminder + information about your share contents next week.

Payment Options:

1. IN FULL: When you sign up online or by phone you can pay in full by credit card or by check by mail. Please Note: We pay large fees for all credit card transactions. As a small business, we prefer you pay by check by mail to help reduce our fees! Thank you.

2. PAYMENT PLAN: When you signup online you can opt for an extended payment plan – by credit card. This will divide your total into 3 payments, one at the time of signup, and 2 more over the next 2 months. (If you signup after midseason, it will only be 2 payments.) You can also choose to mail us 3 checks, each for 1/3 of your total, dated one month apart.

Questions About Payments? Please contact Kathy, our CSA Manager: or (530)292-3776.

Financial Assistance Needed?
We offer a limited number of scholarships each season. Contact us at the email or number above. And please consider paying more than your share amount to help provide a family in need with fresh, local produce. You’ll have this option when you sign up online.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

If you are dissatisfied, we would like for you to contact us immediately. Please call or email us at or 530-292-3776.

We always appreciate the opportunity to address concerns and help members to understand our process.  Please contact us right away with any questions or issues that may have come up so that we can discuss your issue. If you must cancel, please email us with a formal request to cancel your membership. We need at least one week before the next scheduled pickup. You may have to pay an additional week if it was too late to remove you from our delivery lists.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

We will never provide your contact information to anyone or other businesses.

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us, (530)292-3776 or