Why the Veggie Share Price Increase?

February 6, 2013
A Note from John Tecklin February 5, 2013 No one likes increased prices, but I hope that the small amount of the increase, together with the following explanation of our reasons will help soften the blow. I have been working for a few years to build a long term local farm crew that gets paid a living wage. Currently we are one of the only farms in the area to employ people year round. I am hoping to increase the salaries of our best workers in order to keep them for the long term. Also, I am sure it will come as no surprise that our costs for everything from seeds to tractor parts, continue to increase. Even with this price increase, our prices are still at or below other farms in the area – and we continue to offer a very generous box. Please see my notes about our box value. Thanks for your continued support of our good food adventure!

But remember ….

Signup before April 1, 2013, to get 2012 pricing! On April 1 our summer season veggie share will increase by $24 (or $1/week) and the flower share by $18 (also $1/week). (Fruit share pricing will stay the same.) Online summer signups begin March 1, or signup today by phone to reserve your spot: (530)292-3776. Click here for more info on the summer season and pricing.

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